air uptake

air uptake
przelot pionowy powietrzny w piecu martenowskim

English-Polish dictionary for engineers. 2013.

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  • uptake — /up tayk /, n. 1. apprehension; understanding or comprehension; mental grasp: quick on the uptake. 2. an act or instance of taking up; a lifting: the uptake of fertilizer by machines. 3. Also called take up. Mach. a pipe or passage leading upward …   Universalium

  • uptake — /ˈʌpteɪk / (say uptayk) noun 1. the action of understanding or comprehension; mental grasp. 2. the act of taking up. 3. Medicine absorption. 4. a pipe or passage leading upwards from below, as for conducting smoke, a current of air, or the like.… …  

  • uptake — up•take [[t]ˈʌpˌteɪk[/t]] n. 1) mental grasp: quick on the uptake[/ex] 2) an act or instance of taking up 3) mac a pipe or passage leading upward from below, as for conducting smoke or a current of air 4) the absorption of substances, as… …   From formal English to slang

  • uptake — n. comprehension, understanding; vent that draws smoke or air upward; act of taking up or absorbing something …   English contemporary dictionary

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